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Our Story and Approach

Paradigm Pest Management is a small, locally owned and operated, family-run business nestled in the heart of Chilliwack, British Columbia. After over a decade as a licensed pest control technician, local resident Kat Whittington, along with the support of her entire family, decided to bring her own practical approach to pest control to her friends and neighbours on her own terms.

Paradigm Pest Management's goal is to provide safe, effective, and timely solutions to your pest problems while striving to keep the costs down. We know it’s tough out there, and we want to help.

How It All Started

Do you ever have those days where you stop and look back upon your life then the question of 'What am I doing?!' comes across your mind? That was what happened to us. We saw our lives stuck in a 9 to 5 job paradigm. So, with a little faith, we took the leap, and this is where we stand today.

Our Goals

Trying not to factor in the crazy going ons with the world as a whole, we want to see Chilliwack as a whole. We have some lofty goals, from wanting to build a Homestead to Earthship Communities, we know our goals are huge, but it's what we want to see. A better Chilliwack.

How do we plan on making this happen? By providing quality, affordable pest control services to those who want to keep their home and family safe. We know pests, and we can help you get rid of them.

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